Getting married during a pandemic

Never when we were planning our wedding did I think about having to plan it again, but this is the reality for so many couples getting married this year. It sucks. It really does. But I want to say I see you and to say thank you for responding with the immediacy, the gravity and the grace that this situation has required. Thank you for working with your vendors, your guests, your family, and, most of all, with each other to figure out how to celebrate your union in a way that doesn’t put your loved ones and staff at risk. 

One of my closest friends has a wedding scheduled for this September and has been working non-stop to put alternative plans in place within a context where so much is uncertain now and months from now. Throughout it all she has been handling it so well, stating that at the end of the day it’s about her and her partner taking this step together. Whether that means the big 200+ person banquet wedding she had always imagined and already put down deposits for, or just the two of them, their priest, and a handful of immediate family socially distanced, she’s just happy to marrying the love of her life (rightfully so!). 

I talk about this more in a different section, but the reality is there are so many amazing ways you can celebrate your relationship despite getting married in a global pandemic. Whether you’re postponing, having a civil ceremony or local elopement, a Zoom wedding or a drastically smaller gathering, you are doing so great and the day will be beautiful.

And while probably the eco-friendliest wedding you can have is no wedding at all (I’ll admit it!), celebrating good things kind of seems like something we all need right about now. If you have to pivot anyways, maybe you’ll want to use this wrench thrown in your plans as an opportunity to get creative with alternatives that work for you guys while also having a lower impact on the planet.

If so, I hope you can use some ideas shared below, which already focus a lot on paring down unnecessary things to separate the “need to have” from the “nice to have” things. In any case, congratulations to you and your partner for being the two of you just as you are, wedding/marriage or not!